Consists of superior quality Polyester or Nylon yarn in weft, high-quality heat-resistant rubber or Spandex weaved carefully with polyester, nylon or polypropylene yarn to maximize comfort.

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Consists of superior quality Polyester yarn in weft, high-quality heat-resistant rubber and weaved with polyester yarn to maximize support and provide comfort in the rehabilitation aids.

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Consists of superior quality HB or Nylon yarn in weft and high-quality heat-resistant rubber or Spandex weaved carefully with polyester or nylon yarns to provide an intimate experience.

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Why Prefer Sarla Narrow Fabrics?

From our vast domestic presence through to our strong R & D and turnaround times, SNF brings you a competitive edge.

Quick Turnaround Time

Lead time is an extremely important factor while choosing a supplier for your products. At SNF, we work closely with our customers to help convert concepts into actual products. Our sampling facility with dedicated machines and staff enables quick turn-around times.

Eye on the market

We follow latest trends closely and are able to partner effectively for product development.

Research & Development

At SNF we have a full fledged in-house laboratory with a wide range of machines which enables testing of all physical and chemical properties of raw materials and finished products. Our Research team is continuously working with new raw materials and chemicals to provide customers with latest technologies in elastics worldwide.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

We have developed sophisticated infrastructure and systematically divided it into different functional departments such as procurement, production, quality control, maintenance, packaging, warehousing, marketing, sales, dispatch and accounts.

Superior Quality and Competitive Pricing

With highly advanced automatic machines, we strive to manufacture and supply most comfortable, durable, cost effective and innovative elastic tapes @ competitive rates.

Customer friendly Approach

For us, customer satisfaction is of utmost important as we work with a pursuance to maintain lasting relations with all our stake holders. We have always stressed on complete customer satisfaction and this has helped us to maintain high retention ratio in a competitive market space.

Quality Control

At SNF, measuring of quality and continuous monitoring is built in every stage of manufacturing. We have a stringent supplier performance review and raw material testing procedure. All our products are uniquely batch identified and extensively inspected to ensure superior quality.

Large Capacity

With more than 50000 sq. ft. production area across all our production facilities, we produce in excess of 5 million meters of elastics per month in various sizes and qualities. We provide customized, reliable and seamless delivery cycles.

Whether it is strength and performance you need in your sportswear or finesse and texture you desire in your intimate-wear, we can encompass the wants and needs you have for your custom application.

Our Mission

Our goal at Sarla Narrow Fabrics is the long-term sustainability of the company. To that end, we have adopted the following our Mission:

To be the leader in the manufacturing high-quality elastic tapes with emphasis on customer satisfaction.

 To foster a culture of innovation, care, trust, and empowerment among all the stakeholders while delivering extraordinary levels of service. 

To provide a work environment that is safe, promotes teamwork, encourages personal development and recognizes accomplishment.

Our Vision

To become the best narrow fabrics brand well recognized across the globe with uncompromising integrity, timely delivery and the highest standards of quality – for all our stake holders.

To consistently build our reputation as a respected and influential leader with global presence backed with a sustained focus Green Environment, Innovation, Sustainability, and Customer Satisfaction.

Our Strengths

People are the Company’s most valued asset: Its core strength.

Our success is built on combination of Dynamic leadership and well qualified and highly experienced teams working in coordination with each other to provide total customer satisfaction.

Dedicated and experienced technical, design, production and support staff.

Our desire and distinctive ability to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers by adhering to strict quality standards for providing superior quality products and best service at all times.

We have a huge fleet of sophisticated and specialized equipment for speedy, high-quality and cost-effective production.

Our Values

Integrity: Maintaining integrity in all things is at the core of SNF’s Success. We strive for every interaction internal and External to reflect this value.

Innovation: We welcome creativity ideas and new initiatives to advance productivity, quality, timely delivery and product improvement.

Compassion: We strive to create an environment that fosters privacy, dignity, value relationships, practice patience, help others and look after each other.

Commitment: Commitment to our customer’s success by providing the best quality products and services, commitment to our team and commitment to acting with professionalism in all deeds and interactions is an integral part of SNF’s values.

Accountability: We are accountable and responsive to the priorities and needs of our customers and stake holders. We believe in being open, honest and ethical in our every action. 

Adaptation: The ability to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our customers puts us a cut above the rest. We honor the need, willingness and ability to adapt as part of our core driving values.

Respect: Respect of our colleagues, stakeholders, customers and respect for the importance of every process and product we produce to fulfill smallest order to the biggest. We embrace respect as a guiding value for everything we do.

Excellence: Excellence in everything we do, from the biggest to the smallest detail of the product. Excellence is our creed and our mission in everything we do.