We are a renowned manufacturer of Jacquard elastic for men for major brands boxer shorts, undergarments and other under and outer-wear garments. These Jacquard Elastic Tapes are produced using superior quality HB or Nylon yarn in weft and high-quality heat-resistant rubber or Spandex weaved carefully with polyester or nylon yarns to provide an intimate experience which ensures the longevity of the garment. We customize these tapes for our clients as per their requirement. 


Comfort and durability are extremely important criteria when it comes to the elastic used in intimate wear. The garment needs to be as comfortable and snug as possible and must retain these features for a long period as it goes through the regular wash usage cycle. Our high-quality Elastic Tapes are produced using superior quality raw material and undergo extensive chemical processing and testing to ensure these qualities.


  • Resistant to heat & moisture
  • Fine finishing
  • Highly durable
  • Tension & stress evenly distributed
  • Wash resistance
  • Color matching (Dyed-to-match)
  • Zero shrinkage in wet or dry conditions

Standard Size: 25 mm to 38 mm

Name Tape-1
Name Tape-3
Name Tape-6